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Combining the Algo's to work in unison brings long-term results

The Trading Approaches of the Fx Investment Funds

Algo 1  - The EA (Electronic Adviser) opens trades based on 120+ indicators; these initial trades have a very high success rate (for some currency pairs as high as 96%). The bulk of the code was written based on security protocols, with the full focus of the EA being to trade profitably in a consistent manner without having the swings based on market movements. The first protocol opens multiple small trades that support each other. If the first trade turns into negative equity, a new trade supports it at a lower level. The second protocol is for these trades then to be formed into a grid, which brings to life a revolutionary aspect of this EA. It opens these range of trades not only against the market, but also with the market; essentially opening buy and sell trades simultaneously and in relation to one another individually manages the grids. This dramatically increases the profitability percentage of the trades to almost 99%. A second EA works in conjunction with the primary EA. This is a standalone version of an advanced Zone Recovery System that was specifically written for the primary EA, but can work in any circumstance, with the advanced Zone Recovery trigger being configurable. This gives the benefit of drastically reducing equity drawdowns during the trading cycle, and also assists greatly if trading on lower leverage specifications. The Advanced Zone Recovery System is designed to handle Black Swan events and market events – though trades still need to be filled by brokers of course. The system can even assist in some temporary technical issues that may be encountered, such as MT4 bridges, broker glitches or Liquidity Provider glitches. It also has the ability to track rogue trades and apply it’s algorithm to trade it back to neutral (depending upon the seriousness of the situation).


Algo 2  - uses the market's sentiment, which is a measure of client positioning amongst some of the world’s top retail commodity and currency trading liquidity providers. The positioning is used to trade long term trends in the most actively traded currency pairs in the commodity and currency trading market. The positioning of retail commodity and currency trading liquidity provider clients follows a definable pattern as clients move from long to short. The strategy takes advantage of changes in positioning. The average holding time per position can be from a number of days out to a number of weeks as currency markets tend to trend over longer periods of time. The System currently trades the Major Currency Trading Pairs.


Algo 3  - is based 60% on GANN STRATEGY. We look for historical support and resistance levels, and 50% retracement levels to trade. This approach, combined with an automated scalping strategy, is looking for 5-25 PIP moves, capable of Hedging once 5% of the total balance is floating in the market.


Algo 4   -  Primary Goal: monthly profit : 1-2 %  & maximum drawdown: 10%. The hedge trading strategy aims to generate returns by taking long and short positions in the Gold and NZD/USD markets, while keeping the maximum drawdown (DD) to 10% or less. The strategy utilizes technical analysis to identify potential entry and exit points for each position.

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