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Valisa Captital Shariah Fund

Shariah certified for Islamic Investors

Valisa Capital Markets has achieved a Shariah certification for Islamic Investors and is approved by the global shariah board of scholars.The investment strategies follow the rules and regulations and will be reviewed for shariah compliance on an ongoing basis. The certificate is included at the bottom of this page. Whilst the shariah share classes are new, the trading strategies used are not. In essence this fund has rolled up the trading strategies of a discretionary trading facility and team into a more flexible financial instrument - aimed at allowing larger inward investment into the fund and greater geographical distribution.


The trading strategies themselves date back to 2014 and have delivered
the following past annual percentage performance:

The Shariah fund uses the same algorithms as our Fx fund, you can find more detailed performance information and NAV on our Fx fund page

The system employs 4 core strategies, each with its own unique trading system, time frame and risk profile. The combination of these 4 strategies provide a balanced and positive return for all client types and needs. The strategies are continually monitored and amended to ensure that this combined approach continues to deliver above average returns for investors. The instruments are Islamic commodity and currency trading. There is currently an accumulator share class available for capital growth, in 2 base currencies. This has been constructed with for investors who are looking for uncorrelated and diversified capital growth opportunities.

The performance fee of the fund is based on a High Water Mark - so if there is no suitable performance there is no performance fee payable. There are no subscription or redemption fees, making investments into the fund low cost and liquid. Please note that past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of your investment and income from it may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you invested.

Shariah Certificate
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Valisa Capital Shariah Fund - Fund Information

Valisa Capital Shariah Fund - Share Classes & Terms

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